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SAGE BRYAN DESIGNS CORP branded as SAGE BRYAN is a Canadian registered Corporation specializing in providing our customers with high quality athleisurewear clothing for casual wear or a rigorous workout session. SAGE BRYAN DESIGNS CORP was founded by Sage Bryan who immigrated to Canada as a student in 2019.

As the covid-19 pandemic affected the availability of jobs across Canada, Sage Bryan saw the need to create a business that would remain viable amidst the pandemic. The idea of venturing in the sports wear industry came alive in November 2020 with the sale of our first product; an adjustable clasp-back sports bra in a variety of colours.   

SAGE BRYAN DESIGNS caters to the clothing needs of all genders, with an emphasis on providing the best quality, at an affordable price to ensure our customers are satisfied and excited to wear our brand. We believe in comfort and functionality, and therefore, we have qualified, top-class designers who work assiduously to provide our company with the best designs to suit your every need.

Our designers, along with our carefully selected suppliers, choose the best fabrics and styles. We ensure our products are tested and durable which make it possible to create a solid foundation of happy customers. We guarantee your satisfaction, and we greatly appreciate each customer purchase and review. SAGE BRYAN Designs, "Quality with the perfect buzz".


Mission statement: Providing quality athleisure wear clothing to create the comfort needed to promote betterment through a healthy lifestyle experience.

Vision statement: To create a clothing brand of quality, comfort, and trust within the fitness community.